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For workplaces

80L, 120L, 240L





Rubbish / general waste







Bin sizes
We offer a full range of wheelie bin sizes across each waste stream, in order to suit individual site requirements. Bin sizes range from two wheeled 80L, 120L and 240L bins to the 4-wheeled 660L and 1100L bins.

See bin dimensions here

Data driven

Our collections are fully auditable from collection to disposal. All our trucks are equipped with onboard weighing systems which integrate with our collection software to give accurate waste collection data suitable for high level ISCA waste reporting.


Loadcells on bin lifters.

Vehicle Telematics with Eroad.

carboNZero Certified
We are proudly carboNZero certified, which is an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification scheme under ISO 14065. this means that we measure our CO2 emissions, have a plan in place to reduce emissions and offset any unavoidable emissions with carbon credits.

Check out our Trash Talk blog for more information about the projects we are supporting with our carbon credits.


For homes
Food Waste

20L Bucket

7L Caddy

Garden Waste

Garden Waste

Food waste
You sort kitchen waste as it’s produced into the 7L kitchen caddy. When the caddy fills up, tie the compostable bag off and pop it out in the 20L bucket. Once per week our truck comes around to empty the bucket to be composted.

Contact us to find out if your area is suitable for collections or if you have any questions.

Garden waste
We collect your grass clippings, tree trimmings, and weeds to be composted.

Our standard service is a 240L wheelie bin emptied on a 4-weekly cycle but can be amended to suit your requirements.

For events

Hollywood Theatre - Avondale

Friendly Service!

Anno Domini - Auckland Art Gallery

Bins to collect compostable packaging.

Tour De Ranges - Clevedon

Since 2014 we’ve helped hundreds of events work towards zero waste.

We work with events of all shapes and sizes; from school galas through to large festivals, community events, weddings and venues.


A Zero Waste event involves 3 steps:

  1. Ensure all vendors are using either compostable or recyclable packaging
  2. Place sufficient waste sorting bins on site (preferably staffed to help ensure people put their waste in the right bin).
  3. Collections for each waste stream to ensure they end up in the correct location/end of life to enable reuse/recycling.
One-off removals

What we collect
We can collect from households, offices, and businesses that require one-off clearance of waste.

This could include the following:

  • bulky items (e.g furniture) building waste
  • tree prunings / garden waste
  • general household waste
  • cardboard/paper
  • e-waste

Unfortunately we can’t collect any toxic or hazardous waste/chemicals.


  1. Send us a photo of the pile and your address
  2. We give you a quote
  3. You accept the quote
  4. We book in the collection day and time
  5. We email invoice on completion of the job (can pay by direct debit, credit card or auto payment via link on invoice)